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Who Would You Bomb???

Yes boys and girls, it is time to play that fun filled Game:
Myanmar's military leaders imposed a nighttime curfew and banned gatherings of more than five people Tuesday after 35,000 Buddhist monks and their supporters defied the junta's warnings and staged another day of anti-government protests.

The country's hard-line military rulers have not used force so far to stop the biggest anti-government demonstrations in nearly two decades, led by the monks. But soldiers in full battle gear were deployed Tuesday in the country's largest city, setting the stage for a showdown with a determined pro-democracy protest movement.

[ cf Myanmar imposes curfew, bans assembly ]
And for the Americans, remember that you have to answer this for not only
Who Would Jesus Bomb?
But also in your Most Patriotically Corrector Form Of
You See, other countries are totally offended by the MoveOn.org Advert in the NYT, which hates Jesus, that they are rising up and demanding that the Government Shut Down All Opposition to the Holy Blessed Trinity, and the Most Virginal Blessed Virgin Coulter, Too
So who will you bomb this time?

Canada? To make them pay for the parity in currency, that draws Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianist Dollars to back MoveOn.orgs Mainforce Assault on our White Christian America!!!

or how about bombing GodlessHeathenLand, even if that would otherwise be a part of the USofA, except that there is this person who is not as ideologically corrector than thou, and hence that they are probably all Zombies anyway and must be Slaughtered to Bath Jesus in their Blood!!!

No please, feel more than free to take a position for or against the process of suppressing those who oppose great leader, but please do not do it in a way that offends Great Leader!!! Because Great Leader is Great!!!

And, he has been hand picked by God!!! So of course he has electrolytes...
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