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March Of The Headline Comedies...

For all its high-profile failings and its reputation for "cowboy" aggression, the secretive security company Blackwater USA has never failed at its primary mission in Iraq: Protecting State Department diplomats.

Not one diplomat has died while being guarded by employees of the politically connected company based in the swamplands of northeastern North Carolina. Experts say that success—combined with the murky legal world in which Blackwater operates and its strong ties to Republicans—has allowed the company to operate with impunity.

[ cf 'Cowboy' aggression works for Blackwater ]
Where to begin with this joke festival.

What murky legal world? The CPA indemnified them IN the primary law!!!! And it was not until 2007 that there was even an allegation that they should be bound to the UCMJ... So what legal murkyNeff are folks wondering about??? American commitment to keeping them out of the International War Crimes Tribunal means that they can go on killing, maiming, and wounding civilians as long as they want!!!!

And gosh, isn't that the real issue here!!! Why without the Blackwater Army, gosh, who would be able to do that old LBJ game of taking the Coon Skins to the outhouse walls...

The really scary thought is what happens when the ProWar Camp decides to follow their rhetorical posturing about their LoveFest with Praetor Petreaus, and starts to accept that a counter insurgency may not have room for "cowboys" who are not Team Players playing for the Team....

Oh dear me... what if the core problem here is that Nasty Personal Self Interest Problem.... If peace were to break out in Iraq, then gosh the Blackwater Army would have to work out where their next meal ticket was....

Hum... So ARE the Blackwater Army, and friends, on the same team as the US Military????

Or is asking that question also threatening the manhood of the ProWar Happy Kampfrs....
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