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It is also called "dragon war" - but really should have been the korean translation of Homer Simpson doing his whole "DOH! war?".

What can I say, my whole marketting understanding of this film was the marquee poster at a small strip mall cinema with maybe four screens. I should have read that handwriting that it had only one theatre in the bigger 16 screen cinema.... but I was optomistic, I have been to fun films that were not getting a lot of support from the mainstream media that have turned out to be MUST SEE!!!

This was not that film.

Basically it lacked any plot develoment, or character development, and one has to say, the english language actors did the best they could with the wood they were given to play with. What truly scared me was that sickening sickly sweet sense that this was fundamenatlly a "Mighty Morphine Power Ranger" Rip off - in that there were all of these really great "bad guy army" instances that seemed to have been shot in the DMZ of Korea, to save on costs... Fortunately, while the sense that one really wanted to see the english language actors pull something out, anything, and morph into something, like a plot or characters, or something. It is possible that the folks who were doing the editing of this film forgot about that sequence and left it somewhere? Maybe up on the DMZ, or maybe it is the super secret stuff that we really want the North Koreans To Return....

If you are not up on the basic back story of how Korean Celestial Dragons come into existence, well, this is the film that you soooooo HAVE to SEE!!! since basically that is all one gets in this flick! And then, do your patriotic duty and correctly update Imugi so that the reference there will comply with Wiki Standards.

What I must give the film is that it DID have the best Asian Dragon CGI that has come down the pike!!! Which for me was bascially why I wanted to deal with the filk. For me, the differences between eastern and western dragons is critical at both the simple cultural paradigm layer, as well as professionally!!! Since if this whole modern cultural warfare paradigm gives it up, well, I may just have to return to the Traditional Family Values gig of DOING the old Dragon Slaying Job, ( cf The Lair Of The White Worm )
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