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Why Fence Off Islam, When Jesus Gave Us Nukes!!!

God, but I am so tired of these freaking defeatists cut and runner appeasers who just do not have the big round devices to step up to the plate and call for the simpler slaughtering solutions:
In a September 20 column headlined "Islamophobophobia," National Review Online columnist John Derbyshire explained why he takes issue with the concept of Islamophobia, which he previously discussed in a review of Robert Spencer's Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't (Regnery, 2007). In the column, Derbyshire wrote that it would be wise to "deny entry to foreign Muslims" and "to expel ... resident foreign Muslims":
[ cf NRO's Derbyshire wants to deny Muslims entry to the U.S. and "expel foreign Muslim residents" ]
Ah yes....

The tragedy that this is such a really great looking book, since it has someone dressed up as a Crusader....

But why waste the time putting boots on the ground when we can glass them from space?

It's not like it is going to be a real stand up fight, since, well, it is not like Muslims are even human beings. So why wimp around? Why not grow a pair and back the privatization of Zombie Hunting. Then it would not even be a matter of any given government nuking the Bug Holes where the Zombies Come Out.... It would be just one morer clear and compelling victory for Invisible Foote Of The Market...

And yes, it is starting to worry me that Regnery has been having such a fun time acting like they are some sort of neutral publishing house, rather than a militant wing of the WackJobbery who are engaged in a war against History, so that we can be in the world we would have been in, if we were not in this one...

So Come On Boys And GIRLS!!! are YOU doing your part???

Update Note:
Regnery Publishing is a publisher of conservative books based in Washington, DC. It was founded in 1947 by Henry Regnery, Sr., and was acquired by Eagle Publishing in 1993. It has published books by Mona Charen, David Limbaugh, Gary Aldrich and others.
[ cf SourceWatch Entry ]
Wow... Which? Whom?

Isn't Eagle Publishing the One who gave us Gannon on the whole Gay Thingies to toss softballs as the Prez during chat sessions...

So why is Regnery a Gay Front Unwilling to support slaughtering Zombies???
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