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Who is Dissing Whom....

God, but I love the flag waving kut and run kapitulationist appeasers in the GOP, who like the politics of play acting like they gave a solid and serious rats screw about the welfare queens in the US Armed Forces who were not able to get a job with Pajama Net as a member of the fighting 101st keyboardists, or at least a proper job with the Black Water Army.

The folks over at Media Matter have the comedic bits:
Also, in reporting simply that Boxer's amendment "failed," the Times did not note that 50 senators voted in support of the measure while 47 voted against it, and that the opposition was almost entirely Republican -- Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) voted against both the Boxer and Cornyn amendments. Under an agreement reached by the Senate leadership, a cloture vote and a vote on final passage were combined for this and other Iraq-related amendments, meaning that the amendment needed 60 votes to pass.
[ cf NY Times mischaracterized Boxer amendment, claimed it was "extremely similar" to Cornyn amendment repudiating MoveOn.org ad ]
Oh me, oh my....

Why that would mean that if the GOP had backed boxer's bill, they would have had to take into account their freeperville follies and the rest of their SwiftBloatersForBloviation.... and gosh that would seriously cut into the whole slim and smear industry.

Are YOU doing your part to play act like you are a patriotic american...
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