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Got Your 2nd Ammendment On, or What?

That is where the legal ambiguity comes in. Under an Iraqi law created by the Coalition Provisional Authority in the first months after the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime, security contractors are immune from prosecution in Iraqi, unless the U.S. government makes a specific exception. But Pentagon Press Secretary Goeff Morrell says that doesn't mean the contractors are beyond the reach of any law.

"These contractors have immunity from Iraqi law," he noted. "That's not to say they have immunity from U.S. law. If they do something wrong, they can be referred to the Department of Justice, and if they do something wrong they can even be referred for military justice."

[ cf Baghdad Incident Renews Debate Over Security Contractors ]

What if there were an occupation force in your country.

And they indemnified their paid killers.....

How long would you be willing to keep on Waiting for the UN Troops to get them out, and install an interum government....

oh yeah - that is the logic bomb in the ProWarCrowd's Rhetorical Posture... they would be the first in the queue to get a job with Stasi.... uh, gosh, uh, just like now... and the holy war against the mooninites...
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