drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Gay HomoZexual Credit Abusers!!!

All this moralizing was coming not from a pulpit but from a room on Capitol Hill on Thursday morning, where everyone was straining to ward off concerns that the Federal Reserve's emergency relief for borrowers was not going to foster reckless behavior or inflation down the line.

Two days after the Fed's decision to cut the federal funds rate by a dramatic half point, the House banking panel had convened for a hearing on how the federal government should further confront the credit crunch sparked by out-of-control lending on subprime home loans -- a crisis that has already rocked Wall Street and now threatens to slow the economy.

[ cf Lawmakers: Subprime plan is no 'moral hazard' ]
Giggle, Giggle....

Hum, when unregulated banking functionality is unregulated to the levels of the 19th century bank run crisis time, would it be appropriate to remind americans that, well, maybe this is NOT a moral issue, but a simple history lesson returned to remind americans that, well, if you do not learn from history, you WILL get the chance to relive it, over, and over, and over....

So maybe it is time to put down the Ayn Rand, and Get Back To Sound Fiscal Policies!!!

And yes, simply ranting about Gays, Abortion, and Britany Thinks She Is The Anti-Christ, is NOT a Fiscal Policy!

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