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Oh that explains why the Mooninites Attacked Boston, AGAIN!!!

The Software Freedom Law Center, representing Erik Anderson and Rob Landley, has filed a suit against Moonsoon Multimedia for violating the GNU General Public License (GPL) under which they released BusyBox 1.00, a embedded Linux executable that provides minimalist versions of common UNIX utilities for resource-constrained systems. This is the first case filed in the United States for allegedly infringing the General Public License version 2.

Moonsoon Multimedia has allegedly built a consumer DVR (digital video recorder) with remote multimedia file serving capabilities, named Hava, which uses the BusyBox tool. The Hava runs an embedded Linux operating system. These DVRs come in three versions, priced from $130 to $250, with different capabilities.

[ cf GPL Violation Lawsuit against Moonsoon Multimedia ]
Well, There YOU have it!!!

The Mooninites HATE FREEDOM and they Hate America!!! Because they are godless heathens!!! and they do not support the Holy Trinity of WarPresident, WarCzar, and Praetor Petreus, Protected by the Purify Powers of the Holy Blessed Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter who's moistened bint brings bliss to all!!!
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