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Keeping America, American, And FREE from Dangerous Artists

"She was immediately told to stop, to raise her hands, and not make any movement so we could observe all her movements to see if she was trying to trip any type of device," Pare said at a press conference at Logan. "There was obviously a concern that had she not followed the protocol ... we may have used deadly force."
Simpson was arrested, and it was quickly determined that the device was harmless.

"She said it was a piece of art and she wanted to stand out on career day," Pare said. "She was holding what was later found to be playdough."

[ cf MIT student arrested at Logan in bomb scare ]

The Return of the Mooninites!!!

This is what Happens when one allows people to dissent against Great Leadere!!! Because Great Leadere is Great!!!

The really important question is why didn't they shoot first and protect america??? When will americans be protected by people who understand that the safety is safer when there are pre-emptive strikes against these Iranian Flying Saucer Fellow Travellors, the Mooninites!!!

Don't these folks understand that we are in a Time Of Transferring Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn and that we must have more protection and more respect for our White Christian American Way Of LIFE!!!!
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