drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

speaking of dissing the troops...

God Man, did you notice they are allowing the Head of Iran INTO AMERICA!!!!

Talk about stabbing our troops in the back...

Like We are SOOOOO At War With Iran for what they did to america on 09/11!!! can you believe that those left wing environmental extremists like the TreeHuggerInChief is allowing this brutal stab the troops in the back.

on a happier note, one of my non-white friends is a bit concerned that if they elect Romney, that the non-white folks will be the first to be ground down... I mean, how impolite. But at least he was polite enough to know his station when we had lunch at dish-dash, since it is my WhiteMan's Burden to take care of my darkie friends.

and yes, that does include the Wogs and the rest of the SandNiggahs!!!

I mean, we are More at war than ever before to keep white christian america white and christian and america!!!
Tags: religion, war

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