drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The body count problem

When the second attack on the WTC occurred, we wind up with some 3,000 KIA's. For this we have spent the last four years in the "Whatever On Whomever" ( WOW ) - and have now racked up over 2,000 GI's KIA - most of them in Iraq. This does not take into account the 'contractors', NGO's, journalists, and the other classes of americans who have died in the line of their 'duty' during the WOW so far.

With the arrival of the Katrina Crisis, there is still the unresolved question of how many americans actually died in the gulf state regions. Given the current 'acceptable loss ratio' there is that question of whom we should be attacking as a part of the current WOW, you know, because of all of those americans who died in the gulf state region. Clearly if the worst case scenarioes come to past, and the body count is greater than that racked up during the 2nd attack on the WTC - will that be a good enough excuse?

Or has there always been a core problem with mounting military operations merely because we can mount military operations? 

Similarly, if the body count for the operations in Iraq exceed the death toll from the 2nd attack on the world trade center, will that actually indicate that the project was not worth the candle?

If we do not attack someone when the body count from Katrina is greater than the 2nd attack on the world trade center, will the rest of the world consider us soft? weak? and ready to be over run? A nation that no longer has the 'martial will' to protect itself, and all of that jazz. 

One of the less well publicized moments of Irony has been the Mexican Army sending in Military Trucks through texas delivering aid to the refugees. An actual foreign military presence on american soil. Makes one wonder what the VoCHA (Victims of ChickenHawk Angst) are doing with that small unpleasantry. Will it motivate the NeoConClownCarCrew to advocate more military operations some wheres, anywheres. Up to and including the traditional 'south park conservativism' of "bomb canada".

So how do americans really want to deal with the problem of 'body counts'?

Should they be treated as mere "numerology" that helps with the divinations? Or are they an unpleasant way of keeping track of the madness and the folly?


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