drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking of Media Feeding Frenzies...

Which really should take precedence, the New OJ Simpson Trial, or "should Britany have her baby, even if the God Hating America Bashers are Anti-Family and the Media Attention here is all about establishing the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Only Initiative"....

Or should we just really embrace the victory of success and that we should not worry about the WhateverOnWhomever, unless, well, we personally get detained as an enemy of the state... well, actually not 'me' personally, but someone I once thought I knew, before it became an act of Treson and Terrorism to assert that any of the UnPersons had ever been...

Clearly We Must Privatize Zombie Hunting to Protect Ourselves From UnPersons...

That and I just love the new Reality TV Shows. Why just last night I got to see "america's funniest home videos", which was like YouTube, but without talent, comic, or socially redeeming qualities. BUT clearly these are all a part of the Success Of Victory and the Strength Through Joy that comes form Embracing The Holy Trinity.

Yes, I too am voting Bush/Cheney2008, since clearly we do not want those Nancy Pelosi Liberals to take over the government, and we can not abandon our BlackWater Army in a time of Tax Cuts just like Jesus Said in the bible, and that just settles it!!!
Tags: religion, war

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