drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Space Aliens Take Over San Francisco!!!!

Ok, yes, technically one might be able to misinterpret the Spleen Leaking from Michael Savage as actually suggesting that SF has adopted a Medical Care Programme specifically designed to allow Illegal Space Aliens to take over SF. Which is not really the first time, as many of us are still upset that former Governor Pistol Pete FAILED in his duty, and campaign promise, to Protect Californian Space Aliens from those Illegal Space Aliens that were leaving AREA 51 to take over the high paying jobs from Californian Space Aliens. I mean, do we need a whole bunch of out of state Space Aliens taking away those high paying jobs????

Or we could talk about the froot Battery of Savage's website: "BULL-DYKE FASCIST TASERS STUDENT WHO ASKS KERRY TOO MANY QUESTIONS" Why yes, those Space Aliens taking away the high paying jobs in San Francisco, is, well, only modestly off the Rez...

Thank GOD it is not like Michael Savage and the DraftDodgingWhileThereIsNoDraftProWarWheenies have much of a leg to stand on these days...
Tags: they_did_what

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