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got A Cool Draft?

I am never too surer why from time to time freaks whine about the need to give up the right thing and get a draft into play, since, well gosh, some 70% of americans supported invading Iraq, hence, since the US Military is alledged to be broken, therefore the sole solution is that we must have a draft, so that we can get more cheap conscripts to be the boots on the ground....

As a rhetorical posture, this makes great sense for the anti-War crowd, since they failed to learn from McCain. When he was asked how many more troops were needed, he said, '30,000' - and so the surge of 2007 was born, and we have had the most SurgeTastical Of Surges, EVER!!!! So of course the typical brain dead anti-war type presumes that Majikally if they call for a draft that this will get us a draft, and that in some majikal way that will solve some problem.

But would it? And if so, what is the problem that is suppose to be solved?

We know that clearly the free market system has offered us up the two track model - those American Troops whom we send in to protect the locals, at discount warehouse to you wholesale prices, and then, well, there are the BlackWater Army Types, that we send to protect the Important Americans.

So is the real problem that the cost here is the main issue that needs to be addressed? That the BlackWater Army costs the american tax payers way too much to field a mere 250,000 of them in lieu of a collection of dopes too unSmart to avoid military service in a time of Not a Draft!!! Since clearly with a full field force of BlackWater Army types, we would be able to More Win in Iraq, than we have been with the sort of welfare queens who want the government to over-regulate the war thing, and well, let us be brutally honest, one gets for what one pays for, and at the going rate, the US Military while better than some, is still well below what they can make when they get hired into the BlackWaterArmy....

Which, well, also does get at the heart of another ugly part of the discussion, namely why the ProWarTypes are always so willing to play all sorts of semantical games - and wave a lot of flags.... But then hope that no one will ever catch on to this little dialectical tension.... Since, well, gosh, if we were, well, that Patriotic, then gosh, wouldn't folks want to be the Most Active Duty that they can be.... But what we keep seeing is that, well, it's not really for our class of persons...

So please, remind me again, what REALLY is the value in getting more Boots On The Ground, at discount to you prices??? I mean, what does that really save us??? Are they really cheaper than massive Air Bombardment, and then the final shift to "Nuke First, Ask Questions Later", since, well, it's a serious need to win IraqVietnamIran. Or are those options more cost prohibative than the BlackWater Army, hence the need for more welfare queens on the front lines.

Come On Boys and girls, since no one REALLY believes in the CounterInsurgency Issue, and gosh, do we really want to be the Next France, play second fiddle about a War in Iran??? What IS it that americans are now More At War Than Ever Before!!! Even IF this is an ugly time of not having the Draft to validate that Service In The Fighting 101st Keyboardist is the Divine Will Of the Divine Way!!!
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