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Radical Extremists Kapitulationist Appears As Judicial Activists

A US federal court Monday ordered the Chiquita banana company to pay 25 million dollars in fines for paying millions of dollars in protection money to Colombian paramilitary groups between 1997 and 2004.
Chiquita pleaded guilty to paying 1.7 million dollars to one of Colombia's most notorious paramilitary groups, the United Self-Defense Committees of Colombia, which the United States calls a terrorist group.
On Monday prosectors called the company's actions, which it has said were taken in the face of extortion, "morally repugnant."

"Chiquita was funding the bullets which killed innocent Colombians," said prosector Jonathan Malis.

The company still faces a civil lawsuit brought in July by families of those killed by the paramilitaries.

[ cf Chiquita fined 25 million dollars for payment to paramilitaries ]

Supporting the Free Market In Privatizing Zombie Hunting is now Criminal according to the Radical Left Wing God Hating America Bashers!!!

Now more than EVER americans MUST support the Presidents new Successful Victory Process, as a part of Privatizing Zombie Hunting...
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