drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Last Weekend, On "As The Ayn Randians Turn", we learned...

That the Invasion of Iran^Hq was about the Oil. And now
The former Fed chief may think Hillary Clinton is "very smart" and that President Bush went to war for oil, as he told CBS News' 60 Minutes last night, but he's not any more thrilled with the Democratic Party than the Republicans, he told the Wall Street Journal.

The Goldwater-loving libertarian had nice things to say about the centrist Clinton administration's fiscal politices, but said "the next administration may have the Clinton administration name but the Democratic party ... has moved ... very significantly in the wrong direction," referring to the Democratic party's populist bent, particularly its skepticis

[ cf Greenspan Backtracks On Iraq War Oil Claim
The Skinny: Former Fed Chief Now Says Oil Wasn't The Reason For U.S. Invasion.
Hey kids, which reality is your Reality Tuner tracking...

So if you supported Victory, you are now Successful!!!!

Otherwise, you are still in League with the Zombies...

It is also possible that Greenspan is Not French...
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