drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Tell Me It ISN'T So!!!

The Iraqi government said it would suspend the license of Blackwater, probably the most famous among the armies of private security contractors working inside Iraq, after an incident in central Baghdad in which government officials allege eight civilians were killed. The incident looks certain to rekindle the controversy of the wide role given to the contractors in the Iraq war, with critics saying that they operate outside the sorts of legal oversight and codes of conduct that restrict the behavior of soldiers in war zones.
[ cf Iraqi government may ban Blackwater security group ]
Say WHAT????


I mean what is so hard to understand about that????

I mean do we WANT to go through more years of Failed Liberal Agenda Mongering by Defeatists Like jim kerry, whom we all know VOTED AGAINST the Star Trek Defense Initiative, and has Forced Our Valiant Fighting Forces to Ride into Combat on TaunTauns, rather than in swift boats and the war canoes which would have given them superiority over the Ports In Northern Iraq!!!

Now MORE than ever, we must back the President to Back the Privatization of Zombie Hunting!!! Or the Godless Atheistical America Bashers will be Demonic and Evil, and Mandate their Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Only Initiative!!!!
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