drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dead GI's just more of the same old small price....

And Gosh, discount to you, wholesale at that, eh???
Okay, if this isn't portrayed as a major gaffe, with wall-to-wall condemnations from the pundits, it'll be stunning. (Editor's note: That was meant to be bitterly ironic.)
[ cf GOP Leader Boehner: If We Defeat Al Qaeda, "We" Will Have Paid "A Small Price" In Iraq ]
Thank GOD Boehner is on our side....

I'd hate to think what he would be like if he didn't like the military and the veteran's community....


I wonder how many morer small prices we will keep on paying, so that we can keep on playing, rather than trying to solve the core problems.
Tags: they_did_what, war

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