drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Unified Theory of the Surge

According to CNN, a bomb blast has killed at least two people in the Iraqi Parliament. This building is located in the Green Zone.

I hope Bush, McCain, and the other members of the Coalition of the Sane have the decency to wait until the bodies cool a few hours before they claim that this proves that the surge is 'working.' This might even challenge the Unified Theory of The Surge, which states that no matter what happens, any and every event proves that the surge is working.

If terrorists attack, it's because the surge has frustrated them. If terrorists don't attack, it's because the surge has stymied them. Heckuva theory.

[ cf The Unified Theory of the Surge ]

Now granted, Mike The Mad Biologist posted that back in april of 2007, but can there be any doubt that this is the most modern, neh, most Post-Modern, analysis of why the Information Free Approach to always solving the solvable is the solution that solves the situation most situationally!!!

Clearly as more folks understand that there is Science behind the unified Surge Theory, then they will understand that this is a part of the New Science that is Scientific and uses numbers numerically!!! So that there can be graphical graphs, such as the graphing, that was graphical, that also proves that the Unifired Surged Theory is not just a Theory but a means for making graphs ( cf The Statistics of the Surge ) all of which should make more folks understand that Science Is Cool! And Graphical! And Numeric!!!

Thank GOD we live in such a modern society with our Most Modern of Societies Holy Trilogy that brings us the True Revelations of The True Science, that is True, and Science, and has numbers!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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