drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Soon To Be The Post Surge Surge

Yes kids, any day now, we will be in the Post Surge Surge as we Surge Forward to the Post!!!!

Why there is even a chance that the president will admit that there will be a new number associated with the numerology of winning IraqVietnamIran!!! And that this number will also be Numerical is the HOT BUZZ!!!

Why yes, any day now, we will have the hot new number!!! And it will be an Exciting Number! And it will be Numerical!!!! And it will be the Winning Number for IraqVietnamIran!!! Unlike the defeatist kapitulationist appeaser cut and runners who do not want to be winning numbers of IraqVietnamIran....

Are YOU being numerical and numbering!!! Or are you the satanic spawn of those who want to excessively regulate Zombie Hunting???
Tags: religion, war

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