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Why We Must STOP Off Shoring The Torture Industry!!!

Just Think!!! if it were not for the massive governmental excess regulation of the torture industry, offshoring all of the good torture jobs to Damn Ferrigners, Nice Folks would be able to get in on the big dollar Buziness of torturing folks who may or may not be the persons we meant to torture
Some of the six suspects accused in the imprisonment and torture of a young black woman have extensive criminal histories, West Virginia court records show.
"I have some familiarity with all those individuals," Logan County, West Virginia, Prosecutor Brian Abraham told The Associated Press, which said a study of records revealed a total of 108 criminal charges against the six since 1991.

In this case, Frankie Brewster, 49, the woman who owns the mobile home in Big Creek, West Virginia, was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and giving false information during a felony investigation, AP reported.

[ cf Report: Torture suspects familiar to prosecutors ]
Oh My GOD!!!!

Not since Tom "no retreat, no surrender' DeLay was deprived of his chance to be a great war hero on the ground in IraqVietnaIran because the Liberals were giving away all the good jobs to minorities, have we been so unfortunate as to learn of this sort of Emotionally Traumatizing deprivement of a livelyhood by excess governmental regulation.

Makes one wonder why it is that this Prosecutor is Preventing Folks from finding out who knows what about the Iranian Flying Saucer Crisis...

Are YOU doing YOUR part to help privatize zombie hunting...
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