drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What? We COULD have Known???

Still, it is hard for me to believe that anyone who knew anything about Vietnam, or for that matter the Algerian war, which directly followed Indochina for the French, couldn't see that going into Iraq was, in effect, punching our fist into the largest hornet's nest in the world. As in Vietnam, our military superiority is neutralized by political vulnerabilities. The borders are wide open. We operate quite predictably on marginal military intelligence. The adversary knows exactly where we are at all times, as we do not know where he is. Their weaponry fits an asymmetrical war, and they have the capacity to blend into the daily flow of Iraqi life, as we cannot. Our allies—the good Iraqi people the president likes to talk about—appear to be more and more ambivalent about the idea of a Christian, Caucasian liberation, and they do not seem to share many of our geopolitical goals.
[ cf History Boys ]

Why GOSH, GOLLY, that smells so much like, oh, the University of Chicago Version of FM 3-24, where folks like this here David H. Petraeus guy is noting that the French had the fun filled film "the battle of algiers", and gosh, golly, this time around them thar folks is ready to learn from the French about their experience with CounterInsurgency.... Oh that's right, them thar books that are cited in the Bibliography, most of them is over 20 years OLD!!!!!!!

Could it be that the wankers wanking about 'how could anyone have known' should have been breathing OXYGEN rather than craming their heads up their Methane Ports where the lack of OXYGEN is underproductive at creating VIABLE NATIONAL POLICY!!!!


What if an informed electorate should be involved in the process of self government, if they are not willing to be constructively engaged in the actual national debate, based upon the actual national history, and not merely the sing-song of the religious fever about what could have been the actual national history, if it had been occuring at another time, on another planet, and with other actual founding fathers....

Thank GOD it is not like the ProWarCrowd have a Dog in this fight... let alone any humans....
Tags: religion, war

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