drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Being My Father's Son, Or Why You Need To Find Drieux A Nice Republican Girl

Back in the day, when my father got divorced, and acquired custody of his two teenage sons, there was this quick introduction to the limitations of father's conceptual framework within which Domestic Systems Management Policies were framed. As some will recall, back in those days, the Evil Liberal Media KAPITULATED on the core back story of "Courtship of Eddie's Father" and required that he be a widower rather than a Divorced Person. Since, in those days, americans were saying that it would be hard to Run Ronald Reagan for governor of California, on the GOP Ticket, as he had been divorced. Ah Yes, Those Halcyon, Kinder Gentler Times before the Evil Liberal Media Destroyed Our White Christian America.

Back in those days, father would remind us, when he was getting organized to remarry, that at least he had never served us TV Dinners - the precursors to both MRE's and those Microwave Ready Food Units. We of course noted that perchance that was not quite the laudable event that he had hoped it would be. I clearly do not mean to speak ill of my father's weltanschaung - since father did raise us with a worth while and respectable list of basic skills. Most of them listed under the rubric,
"between the time you leave my house and when you can con some young lady into doing this for you...."
Most of which made sleep walking my way through boot camp, well, gosh just that much easier.

What I had not noticed, when I got divorced, and was setting up the Date Steet Apartment with the gentlmen from my software 4XX class, was that I too was following in Dear Old Dad's wonderful footsteps. Kong, who had served in the Singapore Rifles, got along swimmingly, once we resolved that were we on active duty I would still out rank him. So we chuckled at that as a part of the ongoing comedy. Our co-tennant, 'shredHead', had done I think a year or two in ROTC. Now I do not mean to speak ill of ROTC Types, let alone Middies, Cadets, and well, damn, most ShaveTail's with ambitions of making it to O-2. But let us be honest, there are things which are not written down in books and are a part of the general Oral Tradition that is maintained in the Senior Elements of The Ranks and passed on appropriately.

So when we inked the lease, I noted that we were going to have a 'field day' - and Kong, bright young former Corperal, understood what I meant. The ROTC wash out did not quite understand what I meant until he was handed a tooth brush and advised that his first task was the Shower, and to secure the grouting in it, before moving along to the rest of the Head.... He was Going to Be Our Head Captain... I am not vindictive, or unpleasant, I just had to organize the best I could with the rersources and manpower available.

At which point, of course, folks would of course say,
He was fresh out of the Fleet, Going Through a Divorce, there were Issues, and he ran back to the base line Domestic Systems Management Routines that He Understood.
Right, Uh Sure. So how do we explain this mornings AngstFestival?

The gestalt of the day was noticing that it is one thing to assert that one needs to clean up the bathroom,
Because a Girl is coming Over...
than it is to assert
OOOH Rah! Head Captain, UP!!!!
Since the former works better as a social excuse that most americans can cope with as a means of their socio-cultural open Issues. The Later Merely Makes Them NERVOUS.

All of which should help explain why folks should be doing their Part to fight against TERRORISM! by helping to introduce drieux to a nice republican girl, so that I stop SCARING THE HOLLY BEJEZZUZ out of my liberal civilians friends.

Think of the Innocent Children!

Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!

Be Seeing You!


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