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Who's Ugly Memories of IraqVietnamIran???

As Joan Didion pointed out in her brilliant essay on Cheney in The New York Review of Books, it was Rumsfeld and Cheney who explained to Henry Kissinger, not usually slow on the draw when it came to the political impact of foreign policy, that Vietnam was likely to create a vast political backlash against the liberal McGovern forces. The two, relatively junior operators back then, were interested less in what had gone wrong in Vietnam than in getting some political benefit out of it. Cheney still speaks of Vietnam as a noble rather than a tragic endeavor, not that he felt at the time—with his five military deferments—that he needed to be part of that nobility.
[ cf History Boys (emphasis added) ]

Now which REALLY are the lessons we are suppose to learn about Ever Winning IraqVietnamIran????

Ah yes, the EverQuest of the New Generation of Those who are unhindered by the history, or the facts, and merely wish to be the best Trinitarians, EVER!!!

All Hail THE HOLY TRINITY!!!! WarPresident, WarCzar, Praetor Petreaus!!!!


{ which is not what plants want....}
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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