drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why does ronebofh Hate Freedom!!!

Yes, boys and Girls, anyone like ronebofh who would so unpatriotically post notices about the known AntiAmericanGodHatingEvilDoer, like David Halberstam The NOTED God Hating America Basher, who wrote not only The Best And The Brightest (1972) his account of HOW America got bogged down in IraqVietnamIran, because Americans Put A Papist in the White House, as a part of the God Hating America Bashing By Ferrign Devil Puppet Toadies of the International Papist Kliquery, whom, as we all know have ALWAYS been in League with the
BolshivikiZionistBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDelhiMitBookSellerAnd(breath again)

Well now This Radical Left Wing Extremist, in league with satan has come out with The History Boys in which he once again FAILS to understand the True Nature of the divine will, which GOD has blessed us with, and that ONLY by the Power, and the Glory of the Ontological Proof Of Divine Comedy, can americans hope to find liberation form IraqVietnamIran which Evil Liberals like Halberstam have saddled us all with because they are soft on Demonic Beast Creatures who have come out of the Burning Sulphorous Pits of Cleveland, because Liberals Support Excess Government Regulation of Zombie Hunting!!!!

Not that I want To BASH on folks that some times even well meaning folks slip into the DARK HORROR OF LIBERALISM and fail to understand the true Truthierneff!!!

But we really do have to wonder. Is ronebofh openly ADVOCATING Excessive Governmental Regulation of Zombie Hunting as his means of Failing to Support Preator Preatus!!! And the Most Glorious of all Senator Palpatine!!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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