drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Where are The Pro-War In The GOP???

I just got another whine from the GOP about how the evil liberals are evil and liberals and how radical extremist groups are taking over the democratic party, Antiwar Groups Use New Clout to Influence Democrats on Iraq. Yeah, that is SO NEAT!!! Citing the NYT as the, well, gosh, what is that now? The New Voice of the True Conservativism????

Ah yes.... now let us assume that the marginally literate in the GOP were to think beyond the pablum that they got from their GauLeiter, would they be able to read FM 3-24 on their OWN???? or are they all still waiting on it to become the next made for TV Movie.... which of course explains why there is this harsh emotional problem with sorting out IF they want to listen to the US Military that they so love to Faun Over, but of course, are all defeatists when not conforming to Party Dogma.....

So where are the True Pro-War folks in the GOP??? or morer accurately why are they STILL HIDING OUT and dodging that old call to the colours to be the troops we need to go on winning the what ever it is that these Pro-War Types keep wanting to be more Pro-War Than Ever Before....

Come On Kids... Where are ALL the True War Heroes who do not want to wind up like Tom DeLay having missed his generations chance to be the greatest war heroes ever, because the government was giving all of the good jobs to the Minorities ( read darkies, jews, roman catholics, farm boys, and homosexuals ) - unlike now where we keep running thos fun filled notices about how many non-american are gaining American Citizenship in the American Legions!!! because, well, gosh, the ProWar Heroes are all hiding at home TERRORFIED by their Emotional Reactions to 300, and their deep seated FEAR that maybe Barbarella made them all GAY!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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