drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Got The New Terrorist Intelligence Leak Crisis On???

Hey boys and girls, what are we going to do with
The government’s ability to eavesdrop on potential terrorists helped the United States obtain information that led to the arrests last week of three Islamic militants accused of planning bomb attacks in Germany, the nation’s top spy official said today. This surveillance ability was temporarily restricted earlier this year by a special court, and then restored by Congress last month.
“Because we could understand it, we could help our partners through a long process of monitoring and observation, realizing that the perpetrators had actually obtained explosive liquids, hydrogen peroxide, which they would condense, or try to condense to an explosive,” Mr. McConnell said.

Mr. McConnell’s disclosure to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee was the first public confirmation that the American authorities cooperated closely with the German authorities, sharing intercepts of e-mail messages and telephone calls between Germany and both Pakistan and Turkey, which tipped off the German authorities to the plot last fall.

His remarks also represent part of intensifying effort by Bush administration officials to make permanent a law that is scheduled to expire in about five months. Without the law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Mr. McConnell said the nation would lose “50 percent of our ability to track, understand and know about these terrorists, what they’re doing to train, what they’re doing to recruit and what they’re doing to try to get into this country.”

[ cf Eavesdropping Said to Help Break Up German Plot (emphasis mine) ]
WOW, because we have law, we have improved performance??? that folks may or may not be a real threat based upon whether or not they can actually do any of the technical stuff....

And should we allow these Hyper Super Duper Extra Special Secret Stuff to be leaked to the press so openly, by allowing these people to talk to congress...

Or is that making other points too painfully obvious, like the tragic mythology of the NeoConClownCarCrew selectively deciding which is and which is not a leak of the Hyper Super Duper Extra Special Secret Stuff...

Of is that sort of partisan politics, well, gosh, an annoying reality that we will be putting up with right along with the reality check that until we can resolve both the environmental problems, such as excess human populations on unsustainable grounds, who are being ravaged by religious wingNuts, we have no basic game plan in place to address the underlying core strategic problems that are DRIVING GLOBAL TERRORISM!!!!

Hey kids, what if 'greed' WAS NOT GOOD!!! and perchance advocating that Idea Globaly has merely increased the number of Pirates, Rober Barons, and the like, who have a cash incentive to get more cash, by any means required, up to and including the use of Terrorism!!!

What if wrapping the Pirates and Robber Barons in Religious Clothing doesn't change the core parradigm problem here...
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