drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why We MUST bomb Canada To Keep America American!!!

Are YOU shocked !!! Shocked I tell you to read
DNA tests have reportedly matched blood found in the boot of a car hired by the family of Madeleine McCann to the missing four-year-old.
[ cf Blood in car matches Maddie's: report ]
Isn't that just the sort of behavior that we have all come to expect from UnAmericanTypes who travel abroad to strange and bizarre lands, like Portugal, to engage in god only knows what sort of Demonic Satanic Cult Rituals of Blood Sacrifice because they, like so many of the sort of Liberals who do not support the Divine Right Of Sock Puppets, are just not capable of understanding the Moral Superiority that comes from True Belief In The True Faith!!!!

OR do YOU support the excess governmental regulation of Zombie Hunting???

As some form of Soft On Zombies!!! God Hating America Basher!!!

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