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Got Bud?

But House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) criticized Pelosi for remarks about Petraeus.

"In recent days, as the success of our troops in Iraq has become more apparent to members on both sides of the aisle, some congressional Democrats have resorted to a desperate strategy - when you don't like the message, attack the messenger," he said.

"Defaming and impugning the integrity of a commanding, four-star general as he returns from the front lines of war is reprehensible, and Democratic leaders should put a stop to it at once," said Boehner. "These comments do a disservice to the tens of thousands of American military families whose loved ones are under his command and serve no constructive purpose whatsoever in moving our troops closer to victory in Iraq."

He noted that Petraeus' testimony is a "defining moment for this Congress, and every member has an obligation to listen to General Petraeus with an open mind."

[ cf Pelosi Criticizes Plan to Leave Forces in Iraq ]

Wo where is this great majikal document that all folks are learning that now more than ever the new WhateverOnWhomever has more ThatThing than ever before???

And now that the new religious awakening has come to accept that the Copyright 2007, University Of Chicago publication of FM 3-24, basically has SHOT CORE HOLES in the asses of the F101stKB ( fighting 101st Key Boardists) who were all the religious dancers for the great bigger army now and ever more, because folks like John Kerry Voted against allowing Star Wars To Win In Iraq.... are we really suppose to be believing any of this happy hope about what the new commander in Iraq may actually be saying on his own???

Or are we suppose to majikally never notice that the wake up call on Counter Insurgency Warfare, and the whole marvellous wonderland of low intensity warfare theory, is now the newist hotest and coolist thing since we first started turning back those Iranian Flying Saucers on 09/11/2001, when GreatLeader personally wrote the software, that he personally hand delivered, into that Iranian Mother Ship, so that when he personally lead the All American Flying Saucers of the All American Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp!!!

What? you think I am not being supportive of something??? And I am not being as emotionally distraught with the fact that Nancy Pelosi Noticed what most of the folks have been watching for the last few years - namely that the pro-war crowd has no more agenda than that they need to get american troops killed, maimed, and wounded, so that as the ProWar Crowd they can all feel patriotic about flag waving.

Please, if you ProWar Folks HAVE an actual aggenda, please feel clear to differenciate yourself from the rest of the mere political hacks who need to have "more at war than ever before" so that you can mandate the need for more tax cuts....

Otherwise, this being the 40th Anniversary of the Summer Of Love, maybe learning NOT TO BOGART THAT JOINT, and learning that one should always pass to the right might help... Remember, it is never too late to learn actual traditional family values.

Update: what if tongodeon was not lying in his posting The Petreus Report is neither Petreus' nor a Report. Discuss. should americans be required to support all of the white house's infomercials in all of their manifestations???

So, uh, do we really want to live in a world where we do not want to allow critiques of great leader's new sock puppet??? should sock puppets be allowed as a part of the play pretend of Congressional Kabuki Theatre?

Or IS that the central problem here - the president is that fearful that he will get caught out in public IF anyone were asked to testify under oath before congress, and to put that report in paper where it can be critically examined??? Hold it, we understand that this president believes that all matters are 'executive privileges', and so of course no one should ever be required to testify under oath!!! Even the President's Most Favorite Sock Puppet.
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