drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Are YOU doing Your Part to Make America American???

Well today's amusement is the annual angst about mandating that the language in america is 'english' - because of course, the anglofiles are never listened to out here in the land of brightly painted savages, since the natives really wish that english were what they was speaking rather than american.

On the first happy page we have Constitutional Topic: Official Language" which of course starts with the reality check that an official language is not in the Constitution, nor have many of the dogma beliefs ever gone beyond the usual urban legend wankage. It is a fun read, and assuming that you have already done your homework on the FM 3-24 and are really ready to do your part in the most holiest of holy crusades, never mind what the evil Klintonesta have been doing for the last 25 years.... The sure, go for it.

You can also try for the area expertise with National Language or sail into the sneak peak freaks of English Only Why Heck.... you might even be able to get to the happier place where one can see that only by having an English Only, as an actually American Only, since we really do not trust those Soft On Zombie Brits and their BritWannaBeToryStayBehindForces that are all engaged in their own efforts to undermine our white christian america!!!

Which will of course lead one to the OBVIOUS Clear and Compelling Conclusion that we need this as a part of the whole Privatization Of Zombie Hunting, since if we allowed the government to continue it's process of providing bi-lingual support to help children of ferrign devil nationals learn how to do american in america, we would, also have to go after the whole HORROR of mandating that White Christian Americans learn some God Hating America Bashing Ferrign Devil Language, like French, or Latin, as one more part of the whole Failed Liberal Agenda of imposing Ferrign DevilIsms on White Christian Americans!!!

Are YOU doing your part?

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