drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Ah yes, Smart Evil? Or Stoopid Evil???

I am massively amused that we start with Smart Evil vs Stupid Evil and then have to listen to tongodeon whine in The Petreus Report is neither Petreus' nor a Report. Discuss. and I just have to wonder why folks are not willing to admit that Dubya is the Neither/Nor.

Can any americans actually establish that Dubya has held any other agenda than to establish the first ever 8 year lame duck prezidency??? Clearly since there have been no actual agenda, and no actual goals, there is no real reason to write up reports indicating that we are no closer to having an agenda or goals than we were the day before!!! Since all that is needed is to be able to pull out the 'war rhetoric' when ever it is the useful expression!!! Hence rallying folks to the IraqVietnamIran Global Struggle against WhateverOnWhomever, as a core part of protecting americans from Gay HomoZeXuals.

Please, if you can really show that there has ever been a fully falsiable assertion that the president could be indicted as having uttered, asserted, or held to actually hold, THEN one can thing about asserting that the Dubya engaged inactions that would be contradictory or affirming of those golas or agenda. Until then, we are merely dealing with the Master Of Image Making wearing his CodPiece to show his throbbing and tumultuous tubor of Truth that brings all Glorious Greatness to making America American Again!!!!

So perchance first things first.

Otherwise folks actually shoot themselves in the foot, since my defense of the President's Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers ranks right next to the Privatizing of Zombie Hunting as actual goals that the President is clearly advocating and supporting, once you deconstruct the coded messages that the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets, with their Defeatist Appeaser Cut and Runner, Stab the Troops in the back have been hiding from the american people because the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets are all God Hating America Bashers!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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