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Why Does Praetor Patreus Hate Freedom...

It is so comical in the midst of the various efforts to sort out who's call for down sizing the american armed forces in Iraq, we now get:
Previewing a widely anticipated report to Congress, the top U.S. commander in Iraq says some troop withdrawals may be possible next spring, and military progress has been hampered by futile attempts at political reform in Baghdad.

"It has not worked out as we had hoped," Gen. David Petraeus wrote U.S. forces in a letter Friday summarizing the results of the troop increase President Bush ordered last winter.

[ cf Petraeus Eyes Troop Drawdown in Spring ]

Another one of the Defeatist Cut And Runner Appears stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the Back because he is unwilling to support the President To Support The Troops!!!

While I am pleased that there is a growing chance that The U.S. Army Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual: U.S. Army Field Manual No. 3-24: Marine Corps Warfighting Publication No. 3-33.5 will make it as a Resounding Book Of The Month Club Page turner, and soon to be made for TV Movie that pre-empts the RedHollyWood Summer Block Buster Star Studded Zombie Killer Lover/Thriller Buddy Film with family values and an all around good time romp.... There is that minor Fuggly, why was it that so many of the still currently serving american senior command elements remaineed so patently silent about the problems of addressing Counter Insurgency Issues in the 3rd World in the wake of the collapse of the Evil Empire???

Not that I would ever question the WhatEver of someone who is currently so blatantly a Defeatist Cut And Runner Appeaser bent upon stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the Back because he is unwilling to support the President to Support the Troops To Totally ReWin The VietnamInIraq that has always been the central reason why we must go on winning against the Iranian Flying Saucers...
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