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Why Does Michael Hayden Hate Freedom?

Let us start by assuming that he is not openly lying when we get:
CIA director Michael Hayden on Friday defended the US government's controversial rendition and detention of terrorist suspects, saying the program was highly targeted and smaller than many thought.

The Central Intelligence Agency's rendition, detention and interrogation programs were carefully conducted and key to the "war on terror," he said.

"They are hardly the centerpiece of our effort, nor are they nearly as big as some think, but the intelligence they've produced is absolutely irreplaceable," Hayden told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

"The individuals that we detain provide us with a bunch of new puzzle pieces," in the hunt for fugitives and the fight to prevent future attacks.

"These programs are targeted and they are selective. They were designed only for the most dangerous terrorists and those deemed to have the most valuable information, such as knowledge of planned attack," he added.

Hayden said that in one recent US intelligence report suggesting that Al-Qaeda was plotting fresh attacks on the United States, more than 70 percent of the intelligence came from detainees.

[ cf CIA chief defends rendition of terrorist suspects ]

when they say detainees, do they mean the ones who have not been in circulation since we stuffed them in Gitmo to sell americans on our willingness to abandon american law???

And if those are not the Great Source of All Great Intelligence, then doesn't this put Hayden in the unpleasant position of Attacking the American Military and it's WarCzar and WarLeader for their propoganda play with GITMO???
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