drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is that a Calcium Sulfate Writing System On Your Shoulder?

Or are you just pleased to see me, and are not openly TERRORFRIED by the growing prospect that Religious Convictions will overthrow not only the Laws of Physics, but the general safety net that is generally afforded by having a gravity field keeping one firmly attached to the planet?

I was so amused that I not only made the massive Typo Bollock between Chalk and Chock ( eg wheel chock ) as a part of the ongoing clarification of why we should be MORE MASSIVELY PARANOID that religious intervention into the laws of physics by means of the miraculous, would mean that folks could be suddenly tossed about, when the laws are given up.... for strictly random religious reason....

What makes this a clear and compelling ontological proof of the existence of the Divine Comedy is that I even Googled IT, and found a navy.mil site that had the miss nomer for chalk and chain, vice the more traditionalist, "chock and chain", found at the other navy.mil site - but as I should have noted this is an SH-60B Seahawk wing nuts, off a DDG, attached to the NimNutz Carrier Battle Group...

Ah yes, what more clear and compelling Ontological Proof of the Existence Of Divine Comedy is needed to establish the Divinity Of Dubya, and hence that any of this Evil Liberal Wishy-Washy affectation of the so called 'laws of science' and hence their mythological attachment to Mere Gravity OVER THE DIVINE WILLL!!!!!

Yes boys and girls!!!! We Can SEE The Divine Will At Work...
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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