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And the Problem here is what again???

The United States Tuesday dismissed as a "total sham" the outline for a new Burmese constitution produced by a national convention assembled by the country's military government. The State Department says the results of the "illegitimate" convention do not represent the will of the Burmese people. VOA's David Gollust reports from the State Department.
[ cf US Rejects Burmese Constitution Process as 'Total Sham' (emphasis in original) ]

Which is the punch line runner here????

The idea that there are countries that think it is cool to advocate that whole failed pre-911 liberal cult idea that countries should have a constitution as a basis of forming a government founded upon the consent of the governed.....

Or that there might be a problem with the legitimacy of such a document being constructed by a convention assembly formed by the Military Government?

Before folks get too pompous here - do americans really care all that much about the current piece of Kabuki Theatre we call the dance with the american constitution??? Or that americans would really be upset, if they lived in countries like Burma, where there is still an active and ongoing holy crusade against the very threat of Zombies who might still be at large in the country side....

Clearly as americans become more aware of the whole threat that Zombies are imposing on the planet world wide, then they too will understand that the real punch line here is that Burma has fallen upon the failed welfare state approach of leaving this matter to the Military rather than PRIVATIZING Zombie Hunting so that people can have all of the Zombie Free Life Style that they are personally willing to pay for....

Yes BOYS and girls I personally back our State Department HERE!!! Because of their Bold And Courageous Stand for the Privatization of Zombie Hunting - without which America might not be as American As EVER!!!! And far worse that foreign lands might want stay in their failed Pre-American way of life as some how External From the Americanized America that they could become if only they understood the TRUE DIVINE WILL that can only be truly manifested when we as a Nation FULLY back the Privatization of Zombie Hunting!!!!

This Bond New Initiative to liberate Burma from the welfare statist dogma of excessive Governmental Regulatory interference in the Market Place For Zombie Hunting is such a Bond and Refreshing Bright New Day In America For Americanism that we can only Marvel at it's Brilliant Brilliance!!!!

Can there be any doubt that all true americans MANDATE a clear and compelling call for Privatization of Zombie Hunting as is so clearly and compellingly called out here by our Bold And Brave Department of State!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!!

For he has given us the first truly Zombie Free Administration!!!! And continues to Americanize America For Americanism!!!!!

Because HE has Electrolytes, they are what plants want....
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