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Advice to New Job Seekers in the wake of Rita/Katrina.

It has been amusing reading some of the kvetching about how the medical insurance programs that are provided by employers are not quite up to the expectations of the high flying way cool technically enabled. But of course those sorts of complaints fail to take in the cost to the employer to provide any sort of medical coverage to begin with. This is as problematic for the civilian community as it has been for the military.

Some will have heard that there is a big push on this weekend to send in folks who openly support the president to counter the evil doers! Those who are doing the evil of peaceably assembling to petition the government to explain the current policy of expending tax dollars overseas on ill-concieved, and failed, nation building programmes that clearly do not actually add to the security of the tax payers. The delicious irony for me is that these 'supporters of the president' are also the same folks who are not at all willing to become 'a statistic on a government chart' about their 'work related' injuries while providing 'nation building programs' in ThatIraqiThingiePoo or any of the other WhateverOnWhomever. They were also the fine folks who were all upset about the expense of maintaining the veterans community, since those folks should have planned ahead and should not be seeking mere welfare programs. It has been amusing to watch the WWII generation get upset when they were transferred out of the DOD's Retiree Medical Program and became just more of the same old medicare patients queueing up for 'socialized medicine'.

Some are aware of the wonderous ruling of the 9th Circuit Court that the nice GI who makes $20K per annum should repay the government the $3k that the government was ordered to pay this nice GI to cover the abortion for his wife after it became clear that the fetus was suffering from a massive birth defect. I keep trying to remember whether this was suppose to be another evil case of the "blackrobed tyrants" or one more victory the leftist leaning anti-war types. But clearly it has been amusing to watch the "Pro-Life/Pro-War" crowd try to avoid getting bogged down in their rhetoric about supporting the president to be more patriotically corrector than thou.

So there is that little issue about whether Employers should be offering any sort of medical coverage of any form, or should employees queue up like the rest of the nation to pay their own medical bills out of their disposable income.

Which of course is directly tied to the question of 'pensions' since there is that little issue about whether americans should be building their own 'retirement funds', or should they expect that this is just one more thing that their employers should offer. The recent collapse of the Air Line Pension Funds has made it reasonably clear that many of those who once believed that 'getting a good job with a stable corporation' was a way of funding their retirement program. While the younger generation has had the romance of the 401(k) solution space, and hence the glorious excitement of having organizations like Enron provide matching funds, well, matching stock, to help bolster their "retirement plans".

As many have noticed, a lot of the old people failed to factor in the cost of medical expenses, and are therefore ever so excited that the government has been willing to downgrade not only the Veteran's Medical Programs, but also the civilian medicare program, especially after lumping the vets in with all of the rest of the also served. While at the same time the nation is trying to figure out how to detach the Social Security Fund, so that the federal government will no longer have the obligation to honor those Treasuries that the SSA has been purchasing. Yes, I know, it is so impolite to remind americans that it was LBJ who introduced the habit of considering the SSA funds as a part of the general economic power house of the state, so that the deficiet spending for the vietnam era fun games would not seem to be that bad.

But that's not really what I wanted to whine about. It is merely the background context.

Too many of the new job seekers coming into the economy lack the historical perspective on how the macro or micro economic wonders work. So they tend to look at the 'compensation packages' from the very myopic perspective of being able to raise enough positive cash flow that will allow them to move out of their parents house, pay off their educational debt, and still be able to buy the cool toys.

So of course the need to start with what their employer may pony up to enhance the letter of offer above the mere salary; required that we address the first two basic failed sectors of those deals. Which of course requires putting medical and retirement funds back into their contexts.

Given the fun of watching the Refugee Issues from both Katrina and Rita, the bright young new job seeker should clearly also check out what sorts of relocation and security options their new corporate overlord offers. Does the corporation have its own security forces that will be able to provide not only the general law enforcement capabilities, but also the military prowess to extract the key players list from any of the small unpleasantries.

Most americans fail to recognize that after the last 30 years of failed leftist liberal regimes in the white house, as the president so boldly noted, none of them have been able or willing to provide the requisite security to the homelands that the Greatest Military Leader EVER! has offered the american people! While the current administration has done such a lovely job of downgrading the capabilities of the Military and the CIA, and the current jumblefest of the so called department of homeland security has made it clear to most that it too is scheduled for further downgrading.

Thus the bright young job seeker will want to know what arrangement their employers have made to replace these failed welfare state programs with private sector opportunities! Clearly the bright young job seeker will want to know how large a ground defense force their employer will be able to field! It is very important to make sure of these things up front, as the whole fiasco of the just in time supply chain theory may well fail in the critical moment when the corporation should be deploying their own field forces! So investigate whether the employer owns or rents their para-military organization. It is NOT ENOUGH that the employer has open contracts on the commodities trading floors for para-military forces, or that they have provided a complex series of hedge funds and derivatives. Again while those approaches seem wonderful to the typical bean counter as a cost effective way to make it appear like there is going to be enough I to make a break out from where ever the security situation has degenerated. That is not an actual count of available weapon systems that can actually be deployed to extract even the key players list.

In a similar manner, it is imperative to confirm what level of on going counter-intelligence operations the employer is currently committed to, since with the on going collapse of domestic military and law enforcement organizations, there will be a need to fill in the gaps in the system from the private sector. It is important to understand how willing the new employer will be to run extraction of persons detained as possible threats to the state, or worse yet, detained by the security services of other corporations.

Clearly the failed old liberal pre-9/11 mindset where corporations could off load military and law enforcement operations onto the welfare state have been shown to be defective and a threat to national security. So the bright young job seeker will take that extra effort to make sure what they are actually getting into. This will also help them understand how to develop an effective carrear development path that will move them up the list of those who will be evacuated first, as well as protected from the state, federal and other corporate organizations who may become the new enemies of the state and a threat to the good will and intentions of the employer.

Now More than EVER! It is a new day in america! An america freed form the excessive governmental regulations and welfare state programs. Now more than ever, the job opportunities in our Wonderous New Economic World Order are there for the taking, if only the New Job Seeker takes the time to do the correct type of research. Why they may even find that their original plans are no longer relevant and that there is more money to be made providing the para-military forces that the New and Improved Liberated Corporations will need to enhance their market positions!

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