drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Hey drieux, what is it with the chalks and chains???

It is so good to have to answer a new question.

The one fun part about having friends who have known me long enough that they no longer have to ask or wonder which is the Weapon, and why does one's ontological being Mean that one is walking around armed, as long as one is still alive....

But I guess wandering around with chalks and chains should require some minor Inquiry!
for the civilian parasites, and that does include civilian wannabe's who did not sail with the fleet, the number one entry at Google give us:Boatswain's Mate Seaman Marshall Loyson and Boatswain's Mate Seaman Chad Carganilla remove the chalks and chains... SO aren't you so glad that some of us are nice enough to help you out....
So yeah, I guess for JoeBobCivilianOrCivilianWannaBe, it might be a bit disconcerting to notice that one is in the Presence Of One Of God's Own Boys ( and you wondered where GOB came from now did you, marginally literate oxygen sucking life form).

So lets put our thinking caps on for a moment here HappyKampfrs. What do we really know about gravity that was not imposed by the Devil Worshipping God Hating America Bashing Defeatist Kapitulationists and their Evil Liberal Education Fellow Travellor!!! Which as you might imagine means that we fundamentally have very good patriotic reasons to TOTALLY DISBELIEVE that this idea of gravity can in any way rise to the notion of being as if it were a law.

Let us pause briefly here and look at Miracle which, as we all know means that God can at any moment intercede in the flow of these so called 'laws of nature' and change them to do what ever gets done. It should also be noticed, given the propensity for Satan and not to mention any number of djinn to also interrrupt the flow of the laws of nature for reasons of being bad entities in a natural state of war against The Divine Will, as revealed by the Clear And Compelling Argument From Intellligent Design.

Which leads me to the clear and compelling concern that since the insurance companies, and medical insurance in particular, are willing to exempt anything that could be an 'act of god', there is the obvious little problem, such as what happens the next time some Prophet Of God, or the Demonic Underling Of The Cloven Hooved Lord of the Burning Sulphours Pits of Cleveland, decides to make the Sun Stop. Granted, IF we buy into that whole liberal satanic myth that the earth rotates around the Sun, then, for the sun to stop moving that means that the rotation of planet EARTH is going to get stopped REALLY QUICKLY!!!!!

HELLO!!!! have you thought what that type of De-Acceleration would mean???

So IF one actually believes that the earth rotates around the Sun, then there is this CLEAR AND COMPELLING danger that at any moment some Religious Intervention could make us all go hurling up against the Windscreen of the Cosmic Big Blue Marble... And those of you who are not ready to chalk and chain your personal lifestyle management system to the best available lock down point, are going to get that rapid understanding about what Goest Through A Bugs mind when it encounters a moving car.....

Fortunately it is not like I am worry, because while I can tell folks I do not believe in Silicon Heaven, I mean, where would all of the calculators go when they die? That this will send most robotic and Cyborg systems into the full on Existential Despair that will destroy their Existence, it does not mean I actually Do Not Believe in Silicon Heaven. I mean, be serious, where would all of the Calculators go when they die???? So I can choose when it is more probable that I will need my chaulks and chains, or a caustic witicsim against a Killer Cyborg who is open to Existentilist Angst, and does not happen to have on hand a good solid dosage of Cyborg Prozac, it is not clear to me that the amatuers and CivilianWannaBe's, and their lap dog lackies, have the solid religious background to know when that time is RIGHT!!!

And thus the more important question, when one is out and about, is why more folks are putting us all at risk because they are not carrying Chalks And Chains with a ready plan to lock in quick when the Planertary Wide Fasten Your Assets To The BulkHead sign comes on, because one more of the Laws of Phsyics is being demonstrated to be little more than the Ideological Revisionism of the Defeatist Kapitulationist Cut And Runners who do not accept the Divine Will!!!! And WORSE YET want to have excessive governmental oversight of the Zombie Hunting Industry for strictly IDEOLOGICAL reasons.
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