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Who is on Who's Side Again???

Wow, I gotta agree with the folks, what if americans wanted to be constructively engaged in a process of self government and needed to be a part of the loop about what might be a 'war like related activities programme'?
It'll be interesting to see if this gets any attention.

Right now pro and anti-war forces are battling over the new nonpartisan Government Accountability Office report that leaked yesterday which says that the Iraqi government is falling short of virtually all the benchmarks that have been set for it. Because this new GAO report will be an effective weapon to use against the positive assessment that General Petraeus is likely to deliver next month to Congress, the pro-war forces are eager to discredit it.

[ cf State Department Disagrees With Michael O'Hanlon, White House, Pentagon About GAO Iraq Report ]
But the Money Shot is in
The draft has circulated within the State and Defense departments for comment before its publication.

Although the State Department proposed some changes, it did not dispute the basic conclusions, said an administration official involved in Iraq policy. The Pentagon, however, "made some factual corrections" and "offered some suggestions on a few of the actual grades," Morrell said.

[ op cit ]

Or were we suppose to be posting this under, why does the State Department Hate Freedom???

Ah yes... The tragedy of our times - so many americans who have come to expect that it really is all about folly, but that it really is not like it is personally problematic to any of them... Or at least not yet....
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