drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Get Over It Dude, they are Faux News...

There was a time when noticing the spectacular lack of realism, was interesting, but now. Now it really is like picking on the Mentally Retarded Child to point out that any of the Tards On Fox News had a Brain Fart Moment. I mean get reasonable here folks - the Hsu crisis is the apparent best that can be done in the middle of a sea of mind boggling stoopids!!!

But if you are slow on things to do this labor day weekend, please, catch the giggler Fox's Hannity asserted the Paws "only make $49,000 a year" - since it so helps explain why the news outlets were trying so hard to tie the Paws Family into the Hsu Crisis - since, clearly, With Hitlary's Rad Femi Surf Nazi Control over the white house since 1992, there was like no way, that any one of the federal oversight types could ever have found this guy Hsu - I mean, if there had been a chance to get a Republican Government with a Republican President and a Republican Congress, and a Republican Administration, who could find any Republican Courts, then GOSH there might have been a chance in the last 25 years to have STOPPED this Hsu Guy....

But that's not really the story now is it, the real story is that Numbers are Numerological, and that is like Astrology, which is Like Devil Worshipping Satanism and why Those Evil Doers like Hitlary and her rad feemi surf nazi's have been trying to persecute our white christian america because of their Blood Pack with the Devil!

Yeah, that's the reasons the facts are sooo totally irrelevant. It's because Hitlary OPPOSES privatizing Zombie Hunting so as to help the welfare queens....

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