drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Why WE MUST Privatize Zombie Hunting NOW!!!

for those keeping track, both Senator Craig, who will be resigning, and Seantor Warner, who has became a pawn of Satan, viciously and brutally advancing the defeatist capitulationist Appeaser Cut and Runner Dogma, will be stepping down from their GOP Posts - and hopefully will be able to get into the Grudge Match Battle Royal with britany spears over who is really the Anti-Christ.

Which will most likely make TV worth Watching.....

But it will leave the Senate EXPOSED to the Crushing Repression of Hitlary and her rad femmi surf nazi's and their environmental extremist dogma...

Can there be any doubt that unless we can pass through congress the Privatization of Zombie Hunting all of the innocent white christian american babies will be left at risk to the growing threat of the devil worshiping Liberals!!!!


Think of all of the innocent babies!!!!

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