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That Damn Libberarl Media, Again.

There is something reassuring about getting News Alerts from NewsMax, why without them, I might miss all of the really important new that the Main Stream Media is not telling us about - Like the fact that back in November there was this arrest in Italy of Three Algerians. Could it be that in January, that is no longer 'new news'?

Or is there the problem here that we were in the middle of the question about whether or not any american should be afforded any form of constitutional gurantees when the president is forthright about his willing to continue committing felonies. And as we have learned, again, that he is willing to put aside the limitations on Torture, when the President considers it something that would be well worth doing, for what ever reason he actually believes.

What can I say, It is so good to hear that NewsMax has decided to maintain it's status of 'underground Konspirakii keeper' - even if they are having problems with sorting out why it is that they think that they have to retain that Victim Status in the current age when the so called 'conservatives' control both houses of congress, and are alledged to have at least the vice president, if not the president, in the white house.

The closing paragraph is Precious:
One obvious question media critics are now raising: Did the American media intentionally ignore an important story because it didn't fit into their agenda of attacking President George Bush for using wiretapping to spy on potential terrorists in the U.S.?

"It's clear to me," says AIM's Kincaid, "that they're trying their best to make this NSA program to be an impeachable offense, saying it is directed at ordinary Americans. That's why they keep referring to this as a 'program of spying on Americans' - whereas the president keeps pointing out it's a program designed to uncover al-Qaida operations on American soil."

[ cf Major Terror Plot Against U.S. Ignored ]
Hum... when they are that open about the fact that the president is on the random hunt for anyone who may at some future date be passed into and out of the Military Detention Facilities, and potentially charged with a crime that may or may not have been the one that the administration used in it's initial press release.

Uh, could the problem here be that, well, gosh, the actual commission of a Felony IS a 'high crime' and an impeachable offense, and the old school tie wing of the GOP who are from the 'law and order' section, are still, well, gosh, convinced that American Law IS the Law In America. Even if the NeoConClownCarCrew is not too sure what 'law' might actually mean....

Oh yes, and there is the small logic bomb in the NewsMax Fumble. There is this problem that there are alledged members of american covert operations groups who may be liable for extradition to Italy, as the Italian Courts consider it a crime to engage in hostage taking, and then rendering them into places where torture is allowed, in the hope that by torturing potential 'persons of interest' that they will be able to come up with something that they might some day want to use as a media blitz moment, irregardless, as we keep being reminded by this administration, of whether or not the Media Blitz ever winds up being what the indictment is actually about.

While at the same time, the NewsMax Fumblers cite the Italian Counter-Terrorist Operation that, gosh, lead to the indictments that were reported in the media. And the Italians actually prosecuted on the indictments without having to wait years to wander the case around, and then deciding to go for an indictment rather than risk having their Supreme Court note that it is considered uncool to simply detain persons indefinitely without charge.

But that way of course gets us all bogged down in the usual problem of whether or not americans want Law to be a part of the American Culture.

So, gosh, is it really time to defect to the West?

Be Seeing You!

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