drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Why We MUST Privatize Zombie Hunting....

It is bad enough that Senator Thompson's People can not remember that it was on 09/11 that the Iranian Flying Saucers attacked, and that this would have been the absolution picture perfect moment for him to done his Hunt For Red Octobber Rear Admiral Joshua Painter costume and help americans embrace the Total March To Total Victory, "because the Ruskies don't take a dump without a plan."

But NOW we have the Radical Left Wing Extremists going just completely Bonkers over a minor case of salmonella, and are all up in arms to Brutally Repress the Free Market,
Consumer advocates and some lawmakers say that a Salinas Valley company's recall of spinach because of a salmonella scare shows that the federal government must do more to protect the nation's food supply, but industry officials call it proof that their voluntary regulations are working.
[ cf Spinach Recall Sparks Oversight Calls ]

Do these folks think that we are in China or something and that a personal sense of personal responsiblity would oblige someone to join their honorable ancestors????


This is America!!!!! Where we have both professional and amateur actors play acting like they are the next greatest WarCzar that we have ever had the chance to have...

Besides, by Privating Zombie Hunting all americans would be able to sleep safer knowing that they no longer have to worry that their safety from Zombie Attackes have been left in the hands of mere officious Party Apparachniki Welfare Statist Governmental Flunkies!!!! Besides All Americans would be able to get the truth about how many Zombie Attacks actually occur in america!!!

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