drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What If Komrade Party Leader Craig had been a Real Republican???

You know, like Gonzalaz, would Dubya have been affirming that the White House fully Backed comrade craig, or at least until they needed to put put the shiv in the back, like Gonzalaz....

I mean, well, gosh, now we are getting this:
Sen. Larry Craig's ``I'm not gay'' declaration met with disdain Wednesday from gay activists, many of whom knew for nearly a year - long before his recent arrest - of allegations that the conservative Idaho Republican solicited sex from men in public bathrooms.
In Washington, some of Craig's fellow Republican congressmen began calling for his resignation, terming his conduct inappropriate. The White House expressed disappointment in the case while avoiding a statement of support for Craig.

[ cf Gays Scornful of Senator's Statement ]

Oh Me, Oh MY!!! could this be the big massive coming out of the Closet Moment for Dubya and his posse...
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war
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