drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And They Said Irony Was Dead....

On the heels of whether or not we have actually heard the last of war crimes trials related to the incidents at Abu Ghraib, never mind the still on going set of war crimes trials about other incidents of mishandling information containers that has lead to the loss of the container, we get the Joke of the week Whiner:
Yahoo has taken center stage in the legal, moral and ethical debate surrounding the accommodations that many companies are making to China's government in order to do business there. The search giant claims a U.S. court has no jurisdiction in the case of a Chinese man who was jailed and allegedly tortured for political reasons after Yahoo turned over his identifying information.
[ cf Yahoo: Torture Case Has No Place in American Courts ]
Got the Money Shot all over you there???

Or What???

Ah yes, how american it is to know that we are no longer quite as upset about how the torturing of dissidents was once considered an actually not-good thing, rising almost to the level of "very seriously injurous to the decorum" if not out and out right tacky....

But we are SOOOO Past all that now....

Ok, there is also the ongoing comedy that there is an actual debate on who should be the next Attorney General!!!! Now that AG AG has shown that merely being too cool for school is not enough to stay safe.

But do we REALLY need to have an Attorney General??? I mean seriously? What would this person do? It is clearly not like american law should be the law in america - so why not leave the office vacant and save the tax payer all of the pork that normally has to be doled out to fill the place with Opo Researchers who do not have the professional chops to get real jobs in the adult world....

I would anyone in america notice any change in which Gays were Outing Themselves in Which Airports???

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