drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Snippets of InterOffice Warfare

A part of the Openning Salvo:
5. Obviously some kind of reliable locking mechanism is a good thing to avoid repeating the many race condition issues we had in the past.

6. At some point it probably does make good sense to convert everything to a single storage methodology. I realize this contradicts my opening. I'm on drugs and can't sleep, so blow me.
And as a part of the retaliation we have
My core concern is not to make a leap to PostGres, unless we come up with a good argument to go there. Nor even for a singular data storage model - rather that we start working out what needs to be done and in which part of the process.

I personal feel no individual need to take the IndexHash out behind the building and
Before ripping it's heart out and revitalizing my Vitamin B Complex with a fresh infusion.... Since that way would allow us to fully deprecate the Hash/StoredHash dope smoker's festival psychosis wing of the source code.
DO NOT try this at home kids!!!!

These are Paid Professionals using the latest in Saskatcheuan Salmon Skin Safety Equipment!!!!

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