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Can The Christianists Be Far Away????

Granted, now that they all know that Romney cavorts with convicted preverts, as we all learned of the torrid and turgid background of HORROR in light of the Recent Senatorial Oppsie, we get the Happy News out of Turkey
A former Islamist was elected president of Turkey on Tuesday, breaking an 84-year grip on power by the secular establishment, and ushering a new Islamic middle class from Turkey's heartland into the center of the staunchly secular state.

Lawmakers approved Abdullah Gul, a 56-year-old economist, with 339 votes, far above the simple majority required in the 550-member Parliament. Two other candidates won another 83 votes. The party of the secular establishment boycotted the voting.

The vote ended several months of political standoff that began when the Turkish secular establishment and military panicked at the nomination of Gul, and blocked his candidacy in May, forcing a national election last month.

But Gul's party, Justice and Development, refused to back down, and his success Tuesday marks the first time in Turkish history that a party had prevailed against the military.
"The boundaries have been expanded in favor of civilian democracy."
The merchant class Gul comes from was kept out of power by the elite, and its backer, the military, which has ousted four elected governments since 1960.

[ cf New Turkish president breaks 84-year grip of secularists ]
Peace, Bliss, and Happineff!!!!!

Hey kids, what if we were to Free America from the Repression of the Evil Liberal Secularists.....

Ah how wonderful it would be no longer under the Iron Jack Boot of Hitlary and her Rad Femi Surf Nazi's and their Eco Terrorist Fellow Travelors!!!
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