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Why we need zombie hunters in the private sector....

I think everyone has noticed the complete fumble fest of the current administrations playing at Holy Crusading, rather than getting serious about the need to radically deal with excess population. May I recommend for those who have not yet read it Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed may I suggest that it REALLY is time to get on with that program.

One of the unpleasant end game strategies that he plays is the map comparison between the Ecological Problem Areas, and the Failed or Failing Nation States. Not a nice fit for such problems - but far worse, an unpleasant warning that as they fail, they will start taking down the states around them.

But if the twin daemons of this problem are "population growth" and "increase in consumption per capita", there is the really unpleasant coffee break moment out there - what do we do when THEY really do want to live like the rest of us???? Or if THEY decide that they can no longer tolerate obesity in america while children around the planet are starving???

Will americans have the intestinal fortitude to send in the american military to turn those people back? And more importantly, to take the Fight To The Enemy!!!! Where we can start down sizing the consumption per capita, AND the population, of nation states that have failed, or may soon fail, or need to be culled so as to offer up Lebensraum for our overseas allies who have need to quarter their auxillary troops some place....

No, clearly if we have learned anything in the last seven years of failed rhetorical posturing, the Great War Heroes of the fighting 101st Keyboardists are not the 'go to guys' when it comes time to shut down the manufacturing of the bodies that are used to create "suicide bombers".....

So why not start the process now? We start by working out how to gracefully prepare americans for the need to protect ourselves from the Zombies, and that only by Destroying the Mothers of Zombies will we be able to get out in front of the Zombie Wars!!!!! It is not like we are actually killing Mothers, it is more like we are incapacitating the industrial capacity to create Zombies in a low tech infrastructural setting.

We can all understand that this is NOT about intentionally creating collateral damage - since these ARE the primary targets!!!!! Without Mothers, Terrorists^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Zombies will not be created!!! It's about utilizing the Full Capacity of Modern Zombie Hunting as dictated by the Omniscience and Wisdom of an all knowing and all seeing Free Market System....

Clearly as we clear out the infested areas, then those who might have tried to invade america as illegal workers will be able to resettle in the newly decontaminated areas, and find useful work supporting the cleansing of the surrounding infested areas!!!! Think how much happier these people will be, freed from the stress and strain of being smuggled across the border into modern high technology societies where they will feel socially alienated and unable to adapt to the Glow Warmth And Happiness of the Brave New World!!!!

But in the new resettlement zones, where they can directly support the mission of Decontaminating, they know that their willingness to be productive and useful members of the new society will help them advance one step closer to the chance of being allowed to move up the ladder of resettlement zones. Besides, they will be with their own people, at least the decontaminated ones, and will be allowed to retain their own cultural heritage and traditions, as long as those remain a positive and uplifting part of supporting the struggle against the infected ones....

Yes, these are not the sorts of solutions that one wants to leave in the hands of the typical governmental flunky who has merely been a part of some welfare state regime, and has no actual training in the modern art of decontamination and resettlement. Clearly ONLY by Privatizing Zombie Hunting will we open up the Market to the fresh free flow of new and innovative ways to embark upon decontamination and resettlement of the survivors; for their own good.

So are you doing your part????

Or are you on the side of Terrorists^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Zombies
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