drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Iranian Flying Saucers that Ravaged Vietnam...

Or More Reasons to Privatize Zombbie Hunting
If it is true, as the philosopher George Santayana famously put it, that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it, what is the likely fate of those who think history means whatever they say it means?

The question comes to mind courtesy of that noted philosopher, President Bush.

For more than four years, the president and his various surrogates have made a point of saying that the war in Iraq has nothing in common with America's experience with the Vietnam War. Last week, the president abruptly performed a rhetorical about-face.
Numerous historians promptly disputed Bush's view that a precipitous withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam led to the slaughter of millions in Southeast Asia. Numerous analysts took issue with the soundness of his reasoning about the nature of the enemy in Iraq. Numerous journalists -- and video humorist Jon Stewart -- made hay from the president's repeated assertions in past years that there are no parallels to be drawn between Iraq and Vietnam.

[ cf Editorial: Is Vietnam like Iraq? If the president says so ...
On display once again: Bush's tendency to define reality as whatever he says it is ]

How can these God Hating America Bashers seek to brutally stab our valiant fighting forces in the back simply because they are unwilling to support the President into which ever reality he believes is the reality he is in!!!

Clearly when all americans remember how Viciously And Brutally those Iranian Flying Saucers attacked america, and that if it had not been for the President's Personal Courage to write the software, and deliver it to the mother ship, that those Iranian Flying Saucers would still be rampaging over the world to this very day!!!! We can only hope that when Caesar Patreus delivers the Annual 09/11 state of the most glorious of all possible Military Victories that is the most victorious of all Glories that are So Gloriously Military, that all americans will stand together supporting the President in his most Holy Crusade against the Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

Then too will americans remember how ravenously the Iranian Flying Saucers Rampaged and Ravaged our most glorious peace time ally Vietnam, with the Scary, Scary, Scary Death Weapons of Barbarella!!!!

Then Americans will understand that only by Privatizing Zombie Hunting will their futures be kept safe from the ever growing threat of Iranian Flying Saucers landing Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianists Zombies in a star bucks near them....

Yes, americans, only by percieving the same reality that the President occasionally encounters will americans know how FRIGHTENING the thought of losing America to Americans and American Law would actually be.
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