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But What Would The Vietnamese Know????

President Bush's speech comparing the U.S. commitment to Iraq to America's historic withdrawal from the Vietnam war has, of course, special resonance here in Vietnam.
Indeed, while Bush referred to the suffering of "boat people" and those who had to endure harsh "re-education," he did not cite the number that the Vietnamese will never forget. By 1973, when the U.S. withdrew its troops under the Paris Peace Accords that divided the country into communist north and capitalist south, a stunning 3 million Vietnamese — soldiers and civilians on both sides — had died (as did 58,000 American soldiers died as well). Vietnam's communist government responded to the Bush speech with a pointed statement that made no mention of Iraq: "Regarding the U.S. war in Vietnam, we all know we conducted a war to protect our nation."

[ cf Iraq and Vietnam: The View from Hanoi ]
See, Even HANOI supports the President's fears of Barbarella.

Clearly americans must go on supporting the Mining of the Northern Iraqi Ports until they finally are willing to come to the Peace Table in Paris willing to accept a Fully Free And Independent Iraq no longer controlled by Dangerous Radical Left Wing Environmental Extremists!!!

Besides we have killed no where near the number of Vietnamese in Iraq that would really help justify the current governmental over regulation of the Zombie Hunting Industry....

Can there be any doubt that we MUST privatize Zombie Hunting so that Iraq will some day be able to look forward to their own days of being their own country free from the threat of the Northern Iraqi, Red China, and the Cambodians invading and taking away their freedom!!!
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