drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Gruppen Fuehrer Warner Hate Freedom???

If media coverage on Iraq over the last few days suggested a possible momentum shift toward President Bush's position, that shift came to a grinding halt yesterday. As the Financial Times reports, GOP Sen. John Warner, "the most influential Republican senator on military affairs, on Thursday called on...Bush to bring some troops home from Iraq by Christmas to send a 'sharp and clear message' to the Iraqi government." The Washington Post notes "Democratic and Republican leadership aides said...that Warner's new stance," coupled with a new intelligence assessment on Iraq out yesterday, "may have stalled any political momentum Bush seemed to have been building in recent days." And the AP, in a widely distributed story, calls "Warner's new position" a "sharp challenge to a wartime president that will undoubtedly color the upcoming Iraq debate on Capitol Hill."
[ cf Warner Urges Iraq Troop Drawdown ]
What an Obvious Stabbing Our Troops In the back with the same old failed leftist Liberal Dogma of "home by christmas" that is the clear and compelling sign that the iraqi's are planning their Own Winter Offensive in an effort to drive a wedge through the Anglo-American Front and take away Antwerp From Belgium!!!!

But our troops will Win TOTAL VICTORY!!!!

Just as soon as the Evil Liberals learn that we MUST Privatize Zombie Hunting so as to make america safe from the Growing Global Zombie Threat!!!!!

And Defeatist Appeaser Cut And Runner Kapitulationsist like Senator Warner should be ashamed of their Stab In The Back Approach to losing Iraq to the Iraqi!!!!
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